Get a free diagnostic on the spot to repair your PC. The turn-around time is the same day to next day. You need your computer fixed right away and we will make that happen for you.

  • Computer is slow or freezes
  • Cannot access Internet or email
  • Laptop shuts down on its own
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Can’t charge laptop
  • Windows updates issue
  • Windows error pop-up
  • Computer will not boot up
  • Computer virus / spyware
  • Spilled Liquid on Laptop
  • Getting a blue screen / error message
  • Hardware issues / software issues
  • Won’t start up / won’t power up
  • Won’t shut down / sleep

Commonly supported Microsoft Windows / PC issues:

Drop-off or Onsite Windows / Microsoft repair service: You choose

Whether you prefer a free diagnostic first or same-day visit, we will accommodate you. We will work around your schedule. You may schedule for one of our Microsoft repair service experts to come to your home or office during the same day. Or you may drop in anytime at our store. Either way, you will get a certified Windows PC repair expert take care of your Microsoft issue.